Sampling & Questionnaire: Quantitative & Qualitative
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Sampling & Questionnaire Design: Quantitative & Qualitative

About the course

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Sree Sankara College Kalady in association with Lore & Ed Research Associates organises 4-day international online workshop on Sampling & Questionnaire Design: Quantitative & Qualitative from 07 to 10 March 2023.

About the Workshop

A sampling technique is used in research design in which data is gathered by means of surveys or questionnaires. Sampling, in the context of scientific inquiry, is the process by which test subjects are drawn from a larger population. When working with a limited number of individuals, it is feasible to collect data much more meticulously in order to produce better results at a much cheaper cost and to have higher quality data. Different methods of survey sampling are available, each with unique properties that enable it to be tailored to specific conditions.

Quantitative sampling helps the researcher to make generalisations based on a selected small group of individuals. Typically, qualitative sampling results in sample decisions that allow us to get a more profound understanding of the topic being studied. Now, researchers increasingly rely on mixed method approaches to broaden the scope and enhance the analytical strength of their investigations. The workshop discusses both quantitative and qualitative sampling techniques, and the preparation of appropriate questionnaires to collect quality data.

Day 1 (07.03.2023, 07:00-09:00 PM): Sampling Techniques - Qualitative (Dr. Johnson Jament)
Day 2 (08.03.2023, 07:00-09:00 PM): Questionnaire Design - Qualitative (Dr. Johnson Jament)
Day 3 (09.03.2023, 07:00-09:00 PM): Sampling Techniques - Quantitative (Dr. S. Kevin)
Day 4 (10.03.2023, 07:00-09:00 PM): Questionnaire Design - Quantitative (Dr. S. Kevin)


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